Propel® Sinus Implant

Chronic sinusitis sufferers have a new weapon to combat their disease. For the 30 million Americans who suffer from chronic sinusitis, the first line of treatment is antibiotics, nasal steroids and decongestants. However over 5,000,000 patients do not respond to medical therapy and undergo endoscopic sinus surgery each year. Surgeons remove polyps and infection to allow the sinuses to drain better and improve airflow.

While sinus surgery is effective in relieving symptoms, some patients' symptoms return. To improve the outcomes of successful operations, surgeons often prescribe oral steroids. This anti-inflammatory therapy helps reduce swelling and scarring of the nasal passages, which helps patient's breath easier after surgery. Propel® a new medical device implant, does just that, but without the common side effects of oral steroids. It is inserted at the end of sinus surgery; to maintain the positive results of the surgery, deliver anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinus tissue, and then dissolve. It has been shown to decrease the need for additional medication and surgical procedures by 35%.

Allen Ear, Nose and Throat is now offering this new medical device.